The professional activities of TCIKI

Monday, 02 February 2015

Main Activities: Professional action of TCIKI consist of 4 principal groups:

1. Information services:

1.1. Providing information on markets, products, investment opportunities and others.

1.2. Assisting enterprises in advertising their products, promoting on-line trading.

1.3. Issuing publications and books on trade and tourism, commerce, investment.

2. Investment services:

2.1. Welcoming and receiving foreign investors to the province for the purposes of studying investment environment and opportunities.

2.2. Holding seminars, conferences to introduce projects calling for investment and investment-encouraging policies of the province.

2.3. Providing information and assistance services to foreign investors that invest in the province and provincial investors that invest outside the country.

3. Tourism and Commerce services:

3.1. Organizing and supporting trade missions do market research, take part in seminars, trade fairs, exhibitions.

3.2. Welcoming and receiving overseas business people, enterprises, organizations to the province for the purpose of seeking trade opportunities and setting up business relations.

3.3. Assisting provincial enterprises in opening representative offices, branches, showroom abroad.

3.4. Offerring a comprehensive service on conference, seminar, secretary and interpretion to domestic and foreigns traders.

4. Assistance to domestic and foreign businesses:

4.1. Organizing regular and direct meetings and dialogues between enterprises and governmental body to discuss measures to remove enterprises’ obstacles and to promote socio-economic development of the province as well as to strengthen Government-Business partnership.

4.2. Receiving and carrying out programs and projects assisting small and medium enterprises (SMEs)

4.3. In co-operation with several Vietnamese and overseas educational institutes, competent organizations to organize various courses, seminars and talks on business and investment management, enterprise start-up, marketing, foreign business languages, legal, technologies, regional and international co-operation and integration... in response to the need of business people for advanced knowledge.

4.4. Taking part in and assisting activities of associations, business clubs.